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IP Addressing and Routing


Virtual Private Networking

  • EoIP (Ethernet-level tunnel. Alows bridging of remote networks and bonding)
  • IP Security (Standard method for multi-protocol high-grade security communications)
  • IPIP (Fast and simple IP level tunnel)
  • L2TP (Common protocol for deploying VPN networks. Uses IPsec for authentication
  • information exchange)
  • PPPoE (Secure and authenticated way of connecting users to a network)
  • PPTP (Widely-used protocol for deploying VPN networks)
  • VLAN (Layer 2 network circuit segregation)

Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and Monitoring

  • Graphing (Tool to monitor various RouterOS parameters using graphical representation of them)
  • HotSpot User AAA (AAA services for HotSpot gateway)
  • IP Accounting (Accounting service for IP protocol on per address tuple basis)
  • PPP User AAA (L2TP, asyncronous PPP, PPTP, PPPoE and ISDN user AAA)
  • RADIUS client (General configuration interface for centralised AAA services)
  • Router User AAA (AAA services for RouterOS users (router’s local users)
  • Traffic Flow (Powerful accounting and network diagnostics tool)
  • SNMP (Allows to monitor the router remotely)
  • Log Management (System event monitoring facility)

Firewall and Quality of Service

  • Bandwidth Control (Describes the use of queues and queue trees to manage traffic data rate (traffic shaping) and provide Quality of Service for network users)
  • Filter (Packet filtering facility for protecting and limiting network hosts)
  • IP Address Lists (Supplementary tool facilitating simplified and transparent configuration of firewall services for different IP address sets)
  • Mangle (Complementary operations with IP packets including MSS and TOS fields change and packet marking for later processing with packet filters, NAT rules, queues and policy routing)
  • NAT (Network Address Translation) maps one set of IP addresses to another set of IP addresses)
  • Packet Flow General description of packet processing sequence; connection tracking description)
  • Services, Protocols, and Ports

Plug-and-Play Network Access

  • DHCP Client, Server and Relay (Dynamic IP address assignment to network clients)
  • DNS Client and Cache (DNS client facility with caching proxy functionality)
  • HotSpot Gateway (Instant (Plug-and-Play) network access points)
  • HTTP Proxy (Simple multiprotocol proxy service)
  • IP Pools (Shared use of IP address sets for IP address assignment facilities (PPP, DHCP and HotSpot)
  • SOCKS Proxy Server (SOCKS v4 universal multiprotocol port server)
  • UPnP (Transparent instant network discovery and configuration protocol)
  • Web Proxy (Advanced multiprotocol proxy service with caching functionality)

System Information and Utilities

Diagnostics Tools

Scripting Host and Complementary Tools

IP Telephony

High Availability

  • System Watchdog (Resident service for restarting router in case of crash or network failure)
  • UPS Monitor (Software status tool for UPS power supplies)
  • VRRP (High availability default path support)

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