2 More Financial Bills Endorsed in July

The House of Representatives is planning to endorse two much-awaited bills – the financial system safety net (JPSK) bill and the value added tax (PPN) bill – by July this year, once legislators finish gathering input from the Finance Ministry, bankers and experts.

“We are optimistic that these bills will be endorsed by the current legislators,” House Commission XI vice chairman Endin Soefihara told The Jakarta Post on Tuesday.

Legislators have met several times to discuss the PPN bill, one of top priority bills to be endorsed this year, since it has long been on the House list of things to do, Endin said.
“We have yet to encounter any specific difficulties in deliberating this bill because we have endorsed two similar bills; the Basic Regulation on Tax (KUP) law, and the Income Tax (PPH) law,” Endin said.

Endin was also optimistic that the Financial Safety Net (JPSK) bill, containing 215 articles, would be also endorsed by July.

“The PPN and JPSK are our priority bills this year. The House has approved those articles, so we only need a short time to deliberate them,” said Endin.
With these two bills out of the way, Commission XI will still have one more important bill left – the state financial bill.

“I don’t think this bill will be finished this year,” Endin said. (naf)

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