First-Time voters can maka a bit difference

Do you care abaout your country?
WE can all learn something from the recent historic presidential election in the United States. The first African-American candidate to be elected president, Barack Obama used web-savvy and message-savvy strategies to get fisst-time voters to polling stations in record-breaking numbers. Eleven percent of the votes cast were from voting virgins. Thanks to his grasssroots organizing efforts, young students and recent American citizens found that Obama's campaign messages resonated with their own beliefs.
For all you first-time voters, here are some reasons why you should, no question, vote this time around!
This direct democracy thing is still new for us. When we voted for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono four years ago, it was the first time we had voted directly for a presidential candidate. In past elections, the president was elected by our People's Consultative Assembly: we only voted indirectly. We can appreciate what it means to have the right to vote for the person we belive should lead this great country.
By voting, you are exercising your obligation as a citizen of a country. This is an exciting time because you are considered a fully fledged citizen because your of age. Your vote will influence the way the indonesian government decides important things which in turn affect our everyday lives. How does that sound to you?
Making decisions is an important life skill that you must learn to master if you want to go places. And voting is a great way to practice. First you must listen to what the candidates are offering. If their campaign messages resonate with your own beliefs or values, that might be the reason to choose them. If you hear a candidate give a speech you like and she or he offers a good plan of action, perhaps they are your choice.

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