Child healer miraculous sensation in Central Java

A THIRD grader from a village in Jombang, Central Java, Muhammad Ponari, became famous overnight as word spread he could heal numerous diseases using a purpoted miracle stone.
Thousands opf people from remote areas have come to see him in hopes he can cure their illnesses just by drinking water into which he dips the stone. Some have waited several days and nights just to meet the boy.
As the news spread, so many people rushed to see him that Ponari's house was mobbed; four people died after being caught up in the crush of the crowd.
After the tragic incident, police closed down Poaris's practice, but many people continue to seek him ou to be healed.
Ponari said he had found a stone in his yard abaout the size of a chicken egg. Three times he threw it away, but he said, it kept returning so he decided to keep it

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