Google brings cheese-look-alike search machines to RI

The world's leading search engine company, Google Enterprise (Google), is making its debut in the Indonesian market with the introduction of the so-called Google Search Appliance (GSA), an intranet search engine server.
"Local businesses and organizations can now utilize Google's search technology to search across their internal content," Tan Bee Loon, head of Google Enterprise for Southeast Asia, said Tuesday.
Google also announced the appointment of PT EBconnection Indonesia (EBconnect) as the reseller for its search products in the country.
"There is a high level of interest from our business customers for Google's enterprise products to provide their employees with the same fast, reliable and relevant search results they've come to expect from Google," said Rivaldi Rivai, EBconnect managing director.
Google also introduced a lighter version of the GSA, called "Google Mini", for customers in Indonesia.
The gold colored GSAs -- designed with holes that make them look like oversized chunks of Swiss cheese -- were first launched in 2002, and are in widespread use in the United States and Europe.
As of May 2008, there were 25 million Internet users in Indonesia -- a 25 percent year-on-year increase from 20 million users -- with 10.5 percent penetration in the population of 237.5 million, data from the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJJI) shows.
More than 10,000 companies worldwide use Google enterprise search products.
GSAs boast a capacity of up to 10 million documents, while Minis can hold up to 300,000 documents, said Ivan Irawan, EBconnect solution architect manager.
"They can be set up in under an hour, and require minimal ongoing administration," he said.
"We tried testing the database of a national bank, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), and in an hour we found 300,000 documents in just one department.
"In one day, we found 12,000 PDF files and 11 gigabytes of HTML files. Imagine millions of documents hidden in your database and that can be found in seconds with these search machines -- that would surely cut your search time," Ivan said.
At US$4,500, the most affordable Google Mini searches up to 50,000 documents, Rivaldi said. The GSA, retailing from $45,000, searches up to 500,000 documents.
"The GSAs can search up to 10 million documents using only a single box, and provide a personalized search experience for end users," said Zach Tan, Google enterprise architect for Southeast Asia.
"People need real-time business, and Google gives them the speed they need."
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