Creative work with personal computers

These days, we can maximize our productivity by making the best use of our personal computers, or PCs. I know how to do that, even though I know just a byte -- I mean, bit -- about computers. Nevertheless, what I understand and what I can do with my computer is enough to allow me work optimally.
I have to admit it's pretty hard to compete with kids these days in terms of the latest gadgets and technology. I'm not really a technology freak, but I know enough to do a few tricks with my computer, which I mostly use to impress some of my colleagues who are less up-to-date on technology.
My first computer did not have a Windows operating system. It was my brother's old Macintosh Performa, with the on/off switch on the back of the monitor. Hence, you'll understand my confusion when I got acquainted with a PC, which has so many different buttons to turn on so many different things. There were also so many mouse buttons to click on (three buttons are too many when you're used to the Mac's one).
But that was in the past. Now, the user-friendly concept of the Macintosh, which used to inspire so much worship, has been vanquished (or some say it is at least in peril). The secrets of user-friendliness have been absorbed by PCs around the world. And my understanding of computers has grown, so that I now see how they bring the concept of ""creative work"" to another level.
I remember fondly the golden age of PCs. During those times of the day -- such as three in the afternoon -- when several parts of my body, like my half-dead brain and my almost-closed eyes, do not function properly, I could give them a well-deserved rest by playing Solitaire. (By the way, Wes Cherry, the inventor of the game, claimed that he was to blame for the economic recession in America.)
But the comfort did not stop there.
Today, like most employees, I enjoy the enormous so-called benefits of having an Internet-connected PC in my little cramped cubicle. Just a quick look behind me -- to make sure the boss isn't around -- and I can Alt-Tab to jump from the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of the department's weekly progress report to the Google -- or Yahoo, if you prefer -- home page. And of course, I don't go to the corner of the 8-by-10-meter office to share the good news that the boss isn't here. Instead I'll have a Yahoo Messenger chat with my colleague who's sitting right next to me.
Once we're all confident the situation won't hamper our technologically-advanced activities, we can exchange E-mails with lots of
Speaking of email addresses, and friends, I just remembered that it's been five minutes since I last opened Friendster. Gotta check it now. But oh darn, the boss has returned. I got a warning on Messenger from a colleague who's sitting right behind me. Better maximize the Power Point!
--David Togatorop

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